OCPass is Now Okta

OCPass has been replaced with Okta, Oberlin College's new comprehensive tool for single sign-on, password management, and multi-factor authentication management.

To change your password, you must complete a one-time enrollment with Okta.

I Have Enrolled

If you have already enrolled with Okta, you can proceed with changing your password. Use the Manage my ObieID Account task in OberView or go directly to https://okta.oberlin.edu.

Once logged in, click on your name in the menu bar and choose Settings.

I Have Not Enrolled

Before you can use Okta to change your password, you must provide a secondary email address, an SMS-capable phone number, or a phone number where you can receive voice calls to receive temporary verification codes from Oberlin College. You'll use these codes to verify your identity and help keep your account secure.

Enrolling If You Know Your Password

If you know your password, visit https://okta.oberlin.edu to begin the enrollment process.

Enrolling If You Do Not Know Your Password or Whether You've Enrolled

If you have forgotten your password or it has expired, you will need to get a temporary password from the CIT Help Desk to enroll in Okta. Contact support@oberlin.edu, call (440) 775-8917, or stop in during our open hours for assistance.